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Wednesday-Thursday 5pm-11pm
Friday-Saturday 5pm-12am
Sunday 5pm-10pm

Saturday & Sunday 11am-2:30pm

Fostering Community through Food & Drink

Highly Seasonal

While our menu will change over with each passing season, we also continue to source the freshest ingredients from local farms to help inspire daily specials. Our goal is to give you the best tasting dishes, the easiest way to do that is to start with what’s in season.

Nose to Tail, Root to Leaf

We believe every part of the plant and animal can and should be used in the process making food. Whether it’s used as a component in making stocks/sauces, as the main ingredient of the dish, or as a garnish, our goal is to use 100% of the entire plant/animal we purchase. The goal is less waste and responsible consumerism.

Return to Cooking

With our wood fired oven and wood fired grill we are returning to the origins of cooking: cooking over fire. Here at Foster, we combine fresh ingredients, classic technique, and an open flame to serve you a meal that’s simply elegant.

Elevated Dining And Family Friendly

Yes, you can have both! We invite you in for dinner with the family, date night, or drinks with your best buds. No matter what the occasion, you can expect a memorable meal in a warm friendly atmosphere.

Fostered from Scratch

Almost everything here is homemade, with love, attention, and simple healthy ingredients. From our pastas, doughs and pastries, to our dressings, sauces and condiments, everything on your plate is created from scratch.